Monday, June 15, 2015

Gormand's Larder

I finished my small zine. It's a small dungeon of 6 rooms. The dungeon is made only of illustrations, there is no stats or rooms descriptions. I started with a idea from Benjamin Baugh and I randomly generated the rooms with Tricks, Empty Rooms, & Basic Trap Design (by Courtney C. Campbell). Naturally I took some liberty and I only used the tables as a building base.

My goal was to do something short, I just wanted a casual project to be able to finish something. It took a little bit too much time to drawn and assemble everything, but it was fun to do. Maybe I will be able to work faster if I do a second one.

Note: the scale of the doors in the dungeon is a little bit weird, I guess that Gormand (the giant) must bend over to pass under most of the doors. Maybe he have grown too large while eating all of his magical and cursed recipes.

To print the "staple it in the middle" version, you need to print two pages by sheet of paper and to turn the pages toward the shorter side (before printing it on both sides).

If anyone use Gormand's Larder for a game, please tell me about it. Suggestions on how to make a better illustrations dungeon are super welcome.