Friday, August 8, 2014

Goblins Collector

Remember the goblin assimilator I have posted some time ago? The gygaxiandemocracy goblins tribe generator inspired me to remake it. 

So the assimilator became a collector. Sometime a female goblins is born with regenerative powers and grown a strange hunchback. The goblins see her as marked by the gods of fertility & mutation.
The tribe take good care of her, they give her some nice gifts and exile her. It ok, she have to leave.
A bunch of other goblins leave with her (some are actually exiled too).

So the goblin collector leave with her band of goblins followers. As she eat fungus (she have a strong appetite) she grown in size and gain Hit Dice and she become a giant goblin. Her hunchback grow into a habitable cave. The inside of her hunchback is a mix of fungus and organic caves. Her goblin band take refuge in her hunchback and they become a symbiotic nomadic tribe.

Once in a while the goblin collector eat other goblins to assimilate them into her tribe. When a goblin is eated (and sometime other beings), the goblin is reborn into one of the chamber of the goblin collector's hunchback. The reborn goblin is now in symbiosis with the rest of the tribe.
She also eat wounded or freshly killed goblins of her own tribe.

The symbiosis goblin tribe work well together and are good hunters and fungus collectors.

Other goblins tribes respect the goblin collector because they usually travel in periphery of the tribal territories and serve as a border patrol (they grow too big to venture back into the tribe's tunnels). Sometime they get eated by the collector, but this is ok, they are just joining a new tribe.

Goblin collectors have 6HD or more. They slowly regen HP by eating fungus or by eating goblins (and other beings). 

They are accompanied by a d6 of goblins for each of their HD. Plus they have some chances of being accompanied by goblins who have grown into hobgoblins and bugbears. But the bugbears usually leave after a time because they are too big to live in the goblin collector's hunchback.

You can roll on the goblin tribe generator to find out the tribal origin of the goblin collector.

If a adventurer get eaten by a goblin collector and make a save VS death, he or she is reborn into the regeneration cave in the hunchback.

Roll a d12 on the goblin reborn table (goblins just roll a d8 when they are eaten):
  1. You are reborn as 2d3 goblins. 
  2. You are reborn as  a goblin.
  3. You are reborn as  a goblin.
  4. You are reborn as  a goblin.
  5. You are reborn as  a goblin.
  6. You are reborn as  a goblin.
  7. You are reborn as a goblin that will grow into a hobgoblin.
  8. You are reborn as a goblin that will grow into a bugbear.
  9. You are reborn as a goblin that will grow into a new goblin collector.
  10. You are reborn as a copy of yourself but with infravision and goblin weakness to sunlight. 
  11. You are reborn as two copies of yourself. 
  12. You are reborn as a copy of yourself that will grow into a goblin collector. 
  • Reborn goblins often gain traits from the goblin collector (after being eaten several times they tend to look like clones of each other). 
  • A reborn character have 2 chance on a d6 of inheriting the goblin collector traits and of being reborn as a female (this may include the tribal traits of the collector's original tribe).
  • Reborn goblin collectors are always female.
  • A reborn character get 2 points of reaction bonus when dealing with goblins of their collector's tribe. 
  • Reborn collectors will feel the need to leave the tribe after a while to collect her own goblins.

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