Thursday, April 10, 2014

Problem with hosting my images on blogger.

For some reason when I upload JPEG images with blogger the background of my images become a bit grayer than the background of my blog. 

So I started to post my images as GIF with a transparency background to avoid this. But I was told that my images have a weird digitized outline now. My computer screen contrast must make it so that I dint see the pixels. 

Anyway I will try to correct this and I will eventually try to repost everything again in JPEG to avoid the digitized outlines. 

So if some of drawing look weird because of the pixels, this is not a wanted effect. :P

Pre-set settings: Bad Google! 

1 comment:

Logan said...

Try to use PNG files. Maybe it will be better and it works with transparency, too. It would be a shame, if your great art would be disturbed by technical problems.