Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Piercers could be rolled up cloakers.

Somebody must have figured this, but piercers could be in fact a cloaker variant that roll up itself into a tight cone to fall down on preys.

The head and tail of the cloaker go inside the cone and the cloaker fix itself on the ceiling with it wing's claws and it tail.

The head of the cloaker go on the outside of the cone to form the classic stalactite with eyes figure.
Both variants can use it cloak's wings to fly back in the air to make a new diving attack or to cling back on the ceiling. But I guess that their flight must be very clumsy.

Now maybe you can have real piercers and cloaker that mimic piercers. I mean cloaker are already mimicking cloaks so why not mimic piercers?

Note that the cloakers shape don't need to be pie-shaped, I used the pac-man shape just to link with paper cones (I imagine their "wings" are a little longer).

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