Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dryads treasure chest

Two dryads bound to a treasure chest crafted from the remains of their three.
I don't know what the chest contain or how it work.
I wonder what it dryads or it fruits does when you taste them.
But you can find quite interesting lore on Timinits & Trolls.


賈尼 said...


Arnold K said...

Everything is so simple. Everything is so complex. From the dryad texture to the faces in the chest to the patterns that the hair makes. And the eyes! And it makes it easy to look at it quickly and take it all in, but still gives you a lot to think about. It invites analysis and close examination in ways that more complicated styles don't. At least to me. I like it.

Evlyn M said...

Details that seem to tell someting are quite fun to drawn. :)

賈尼 said...

Cédric, I have created a blog entry spurred by your drawing:

Evlyn M said...

I am linking you right away. :)