Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vornheim Campaign Report, session 16

The group finished exploring the graveyard of the great worms. They ran away from a dying great worm and we had some fun with the worm madness inducing maggots crawling out of the random encounters zombies.

But the group was mostly level 3 and even if the dungeon was listed for level 1 to 3, I should have added more challenge. In the end the group realized that even if they earned a ok number XP, now being level 3 they need to find greater challenges and to take more risk if they want to reach higher levels. 

I admit that I am starting to get dungeons (or sandbox?) fatigue. I have the feeling that I need to step up the campaign or to take it in a new direction to keep it challenging and interesting (or to provide clearer opportunity for the players to do it). We discussed this a little bit, but I still have to think about all this. And lately I am also tempted by other games, especially sci-fi games. 

So to keep the campaign interesting I am thinking about a two options (for now):
- Have a big event happen in the city to level up things and to have a big clear goal. 
- Open doors toward adventures outside the city or maybe even toward a other worlds to play expedition type adventures.  

I am starting to think that XP reward for goals like in Stars Without Numbers work better for city crawl. I LOVE XP for Gold, but maybe it work best with expedition type of adventures. 


  1. This blog is great! Why not do XP for gold and for goals? This lets the players decide what they want the focus to be.

  2. Good point, yes I think we would have talked about those options together. But some players were not available anymore, I think that this was our last session.