Monday, July 15, 2013

Thief guild power struggle setup

Some procedures to setup a thief guild power struggle sandbox. 

1) Establish a thief guild master, give him or her a title and color it with a word representing his or her power and reputation. 

2) The thief guild master rule over the city crimeworld with 3 sources of power
  • The first sources of power is a very profitable criminal activity. service or black market.
  • The second source of power is a valuable expert or a corrupted official or legal figure.  
  • The third source of power is a pact or alliance with a other criminal group or faction. 
3) Establish a partner in crime, this partner in crime is a legal faction or person not issued from the crimeworld that participate in and profit from the guild's criminal activities.

4) Give the guild master a second in command. Link him or her with one source of power.

5) Establish a lawful character investigating the thief guild's activities. Give him or her a supporting contact but also a important figure or faction unrelated to the thief guild that hinder his or her work for personal reasons.
6) Now kill the thief guildmaster and replace him or her with a vicious upstart! Give the upstart a title and color it with a word representing his or her power and reputation.  

7) As the upstart take over the thief guild he also take over the 3 sources of powers.
  • Choose a source of power and buy it. This source of power have changed allegiance.
  • Choose a source of power and violently intimidate it. This source power despise the upstart and is painfully forced into submission. 
  • Choose a source of power, kill, exile or depower it and replace it with a new source of power serving the upstart. 
8) Force the partner in crime to work with the upstart. The partner in crime wont move again the upstart but complain about the new upstart's methods. 

9) Give the usurper a second in command. Link him or her with one source of power. You can also hide the old second in command, she or he want to take over the guild but need to control or build three sources of powers to do so. Note the old second in command can be the new second in command, waiting for the right moment to make his or her own move. 

10) Give the upstart a some elite henchmen. Those are not supernatural beings, but they are dangerous and loyal. 

11) Give the upstart some regular henchmen. Many worked for the old guild master. 

12) Kill a few and hide the old elite henchmen. Those are the survivors of the guild master inner circle and elite henchmen. 

13) Remove the investigating character from the case. He or she is piss off or disgruntled. You can replace him or her with a new incompetent or corrupted investigator. 

14) Establish a mercenary source of power and color it with a word representing it power and reputation. 
Link this neutral power to another source of power that it fear or own a favor to. 

15) Establish and disfavor a faction/group that was doing well under old guild master's rule. 

16) Establish and favor a faction/group that profit from the upstart rule.  

17) Establish a neutral victim of the guild war and link him or her to one of the upstart asset.  

18) Roll a d6 & d4 to find the goal of each NPC or faction:
  1. To destroy, ruin or shame a...
  2. To control, own or buy a...
  3. To influence, corrupt or transform a...  
  4. To help, advantage or make stronger a... 
  5. To free, protect or restore a...
  6. To create or find a new...
  1. ... source of power
  2. ... major NPC
  3. ... faction or group 
  4. ... strategic or important city activity.
19) Create a quick relation map to note everything. Let the players meet and work for the various factions as they wish. 

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