Wednesday, July 17, 2013

City Conspiracy Setup

Sorry no drawings again, but I am having fun doing those setup procedures and I have more in mind. Also with the heat wave over Montreal the humidity level is just too high to drawn. 

I think that I will write down some setups to maybe rework them later (and complement them with random tables to roll on). 

1) Establish a city and give it a colorful title.  

2) The city prosper through 3 sources of power
  • The first source of power is a unique local product. (slave warriors, exotic drugs, special ore, magic spices, fire lizards, etc)  
  • The second source of power is a unique cultural establishment, institution, school, religion, guild or military order. 
  • The third source of power is a pact or alliance with a powerful group or entity exterior to the city (group, tribe, race, monsters, supernatural entity, etc). 
3) Establish a ruling family or a city council and link at least one important member to a source of power.   

4) Give the city a major landmark.

5) Establish a city benefactor, a respected and active public figure that move things and have the city well being at hearth. Link his or her background with a source of power. 

6) Now establish a external or neighboring rival faction (or entity) that have secretly taken over the city. 

7) The rival faction have taken over the city's sources of powers:
  • Choose a source of power and infiltrate it to secretly corrupt, transform or sabotage it from inside.
  • Choose a source of power, discredit it and place it under direct control of the city rulers. This source of power is now being transformed and reorganized through official means.  
  • Choose a source of power and close it down to replace it with a new source of power directly serving the rival faction. 
8) Establish a shadow council that serve the rival faction and link at least one shadow member to a source of power. Eliminate, impersonate, blackmail, bribe, disgrace or undermine the former established ruling members.  

9) Establish a aggressive investor that ruthlessly invest in the city development to make huge profits. Give him a gift from the rival faction that give him a unfair business advantage. This investor is not a member of the conspiracy, the conspiracy just profit from his actions (for now). 

10) Place in a corrupt captain in charge of the elite city guard

11) Place in a incompetent or blind captain in charge of the city or night watch

12) Disgrace, imprison or hide the old captain of the elite city guard

13) Destroy or sabotage the accomplishments of the city benefactor. He or she know that something is wrong.

14) Establish a underground neutral source of power. This source of power is not working for or against the conspiracy. Link it with a source of power that it fear or own a debt to.

15) Establish a neighboring settlement  that resent the new city directions   

16) Establish a neighboring settlement  that profit from the new city direction.

17) Establish a neighboring settlement that remain neutral about the new city direction.

18) Roll a d6 & d4 to find the goal of each NPC or faction:
  1. To destroy, ruin or shame a...
  2. To control, own or buy a...
  3. To influence, corrupt or transform a...  
  4. To help, advantage or make stronger a... 
  5. To free, protect or restore a hindered or lost...
  6. To create or find a new...
  1. ... source of power
  2. ... major NPC
  3. ... faction or group 
  4. ... strategic or important city activity.

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Just wanted to say I really like these setup posts!