Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vornheim Campaign Report

We played our 13th session! 

  • The group explored the House of Snails.
  • The group decided to work for the city spymaster (one of their starting patron that they rolled during character creation). They had to hunt down a spy that went rogue after being cursed by the three witches.
  • But after receiving a scroll of remove curse from the Cathedral of Iron, the group was defeated and captured by Jaben Vorolax, a decadent noble and a skin collector (a random city encounter!).
  • Morrigan, who was absent, formed a new group and tracked back Vorolax to his manor. 

The Vorolax manor:
  • The new group ventured into the skin collector manor. 
  • They discovered that the Vorolax family learned their dark secrets from the three witches of Vornheim.
  • The Vorolax were crafting human skin leather armor for a cult of assassins worshipping the three witches. 
  • The Vorolax family patriarch was maintain alive by a toad kept in a bowl and worshiped the spider goat demon as the fallen son of Vorn. 
  • The grand mother was blessed with the lower body of a giant spider, she weaved her spider silk to sew the human skin armors.  
  • Jaben Vorolax was obsessed by a winter nymph summoned by his sister. He was neglecting his duty to the three witches, his project was to create a elven skin suit to try seduce the impossibly beautiful creature that rejected him.
  • The group discovered the winter nymph in the dungeon of the manor, a source of light in this house of horrors. 
  • The nymph was withering because of her captivity and the group decided to end her sufferings, she rewarded them with her crystal heart of ice. 
  • After confronting the last Vorolax, the group managed to free their surviving members that were kept alive for extracting their skin in the dungeon.

The Curse of the Growing Wolf: 
  • After healing from their ordeal in the Vorolax manor, Erzebeth and Lennox took the leadership of the group to track down the spy rogue agent. 
  • They had previously discovered that rogue agent had beastmen blood (he was somekind of half orc) but that he was a faithful follower of Vorn. He infiltrated the cult of the three witches but was discovered and cursed into the service of the witches by Thorn. 
  • The group followed a trail of savage murders to discover that the rogue agent had become a werewolf that assimilated his victims into his body. 
  • Erzebeth confronted the multi limbed and headed creature. Heroically and with a lot of luck she managed to use the remove curse scroll of St-Mortimer to cure the cursed spy.

  The Arena of the Dog Cult:
  • After delivering the rogue agent, the group decided to break in the dog fight arena for the spymaster to try to find incriminating information about masked nobles that are betting on the fights. 
  • Situated in one of the poorest neighborhood of Vornheim, the dog fight arena was growing in popularity and in power. 
  • The group discovered that the arena fights often ended up in savage riots spreading into the neighborhood streets. Also that a lot of people in the neighborhood were cursed with the animal head's curse. 
  • During their first venture into the arena, the group boldly stole the betting money!
  • The dog cult sent their coins hound gargoyles to track down the thieves. 
  • Since I rolled that there was a huge riot that night and that the group rolled four 6 on 4d6 to determine to content of the betting money coffers, I noted that the dice were telling us that the arena fights were reaching their paroxysm. The situation was worst then we thought! People in the neighborhood were afraid to get out in the street, the influence of the blood cult was growing and inciting sudden savage rabid riots. 
  • During their second venture into the arena underground levels the group discovered that the dog cult was a bastard yet more brutal version of the wolf ring cult of Belphegor. 
  • The coins hound gargoyle tracked down the group. But the group managed to defeat them by smashing away their dog masks.
  • The streets were getting more and more dangerous and the group was attacked in the street by a rabid mob of people. During the fight Radinka and Goldin were savagely killed. 
  • The group decided to venture into the arena lower levels a third time to put a end to the rage waves.
  • In the lower levels they ended up trapped in a secret sacrificial arena where they encountered canine monstrosities, including a mutant cyber dog. 
  • The group encountered a gnoll shaman kept in a secret chapel, maybe the last one of his kind. The old gnoll was delivered to the cult by the mercenary of Irongate and the dog cult learned many of their occult secrets from him.    
  • The group blocked the sacrificial blood well of the arena and stole the four golden heart of the dog headed idol of Belphegor. 
  • While escaping from the arena the group freed a naked two headed wolf woman. They concluded that she is two spy sent by spymaster fused together by a occult experiment of the dog cult. 
  • The group also freed a magic user that was forced to craft from dreams the magical cyber implants of the dog cyborgs (with the help of a grey goblin that was also torturing him). 
  • Once outside the arena, the naked two headed wolf woman and the mage decided to follow the adventurers. They are now their new henchmen.  

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