Monday, June 3, 2013

Cast of characters of session 12

The player characters group of our Vornheim campaign:
  • Morrigan: fighter lv3 played by Dominic.
  • Radinka: specialist lv 1, henchman of Morrigan.
  • Milo: halfling lv 2 played by Sebastian.
  • Erzebeth: cleric of Vorn lv 2 played by Annick.
  • Lennox: specialist lv 3 played by Sylvain.
  • Damien: man-at-arm lv 0, henchman of Lennox
  • Goldin: dwarf lv 1, henchman of Lennox

To help visualise the group I have drawn a cartoon version of the characters:


I will try to post a game report soon. 


  1. Love 'em. Any particular inspiration for their attire?

  2. Ah no I had no particular source of inspiration. Anyway you end up drawing leather armor or chainmails, everybody wear them. :P