Monday, April 29, 2013

Skills in my LotFP Vornheim campaign

I introduced 3 new skills in my Vornheim campaign.
Mainly because of the urban setting (but also somehow because of the presence of blank skill dice on the LotFP character sheet). 

  • Roll to place a business building on a neighborhood map. 
  • Roll to drawn a alleyway or a street bridge on a neighborhood map. 
  • Roll to place a sewer or lower city entryway on a neighborhood map.
  • On a fail, the GM place what the player wanted on the map. 

Contact (this replace the Vornheim contact points system):
  • Roll to turn a NPC into a contact.
  • Roll to get rumors about a NPC. 
  • Roll to find hirelings to hire. 

I also added Healing:
  • Roll to take a full turn to heal 1 hp after a fight.
  • Roll to step up natural healing by one step: +0hp > +1hp > +d3hp > +d6hp

Characters start with a random background origin that give them one extra skill point.

Background: d12

  1. Cerces, the Trading Isles: + 1 in contact
  2. Winter Cleave, the Northland: +1 in climb
  3. Kuran, the Red Sands: +1 in language
  4. Odar, the Iron Gate: +1 in open door
  5. Silkport, the Spider City: +1 in sleight of hand
  6. Halaran, the Snowmoor: +1 in healing
  7. Argapur, the City of Brass: +1 in tinkering
  8. Shor in the Sleeping Waste: +1 in stealth
  9. Alanxia, the Temple City: +1 in architecture
  10. Barantia, the Storm Marches: +1 in bushcraft
  11. Lunarun, the Grinding Stone: +1 in search
  12. Vornheim, the Grey Maze: +1 in streetwise

Elf: d10
Dwarf: d8
Halfling: d6
Human NPC: d20 (on 12+ they are from Vornheim)

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