Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Vornheim campaign is going well.

Our Vornheim urban crawl campaign is going well. We are playing Lamentations of the Flame Princess and the group is composed of four regular players.

We are trying to use the city as a mega-dungeon sandbox. To do this, we map the streets as if the group was exploring a dungeon. I made a overall map of Vornheim interconnecting it 10 neighborhoods. When I have to place something on the overall map, I roll a d10 to determine the neighborhood.

Each neighborhood correspond to a sheet of graph paper, when you move out of the sheet edge you move to a new sheet & neighborhood (as by the overall map).

To map the streets we use the random numbers method from the urban crawl rules. We use seven-segment digital numbers to shape the streets.

(neighborhood 6)

So when the group enter a new neighborhood, I start by randomly placing the neighborhood's landmarks on the graph sheet. 

Then we roll up a first street pattern using a d10. I let the group trace the segments of the digit number they rolled up. The segments length are randomly determined and create important or small streets. 

After this we place random buildings on the streets that the group visit. 

The group can choose to exit a street pattern by any of it intersecting segments. We roll a new d10 and the group map the new street pattern.

But each time the group place a new street pattern on the map, we also check for random encounters. 
Street length and neighborhood wealth level influence the random encounters. So choosing to pass by large or small streets can lead you to different kind of trouble. 

When the group pass by already mapped streets we just make one encounter check by neighborhood.  

Naturally I have some small adjustments to make (like featuring the bridges), but overall we have a lot of fun with those procedures. Exploring the neighborhoods is interesting and the random encounters can lead to real decisions (we confront the encounter or we try to reach our destination by venturing into a unmapped street?). 

My next post will be about our group adventures in the grey maze! :) 


  1. Keep posting. I like your stuff.

  2. I like how you're mapping out the city