Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gold Beard Fortress

I am reposting the dungeon that I have drawn with How to Host a Dungeon (and my friend H.)
(there is some additional notes on the map).

Some notes about the history of the dungeon.

Primordial Age:
  • Three primordial beasts inhabit the region: a cyclop, a gigantic spider and a sentient giant slime. 
  • The purple plague infect some of the caves. 
The Age of Civilization:
  • The dwarf's runes point toward a deep gold vein. 
  • Gold Beard Fortress is build.
  • The red gold vein is found and named "The Setting Sun". 
  • Construction of the Great Hall of Deep Shine.
  • Construction of the red workshops.
  • Construction of the Hall of Records.
  • Foundation of the underground city of Glorious Gleam. 
  • Construction of the royal secret chamber and forging of the first Red Sun. 
  • The dwarfs dig too deep and awaken the Beast from Below. 
The Great Disaster:
  • The Beast from Below summon a underground river to flood the dwarf's tunnels to hunt them. 
The Age of Monsters:
  • The water level diminish and monsters settle in the dungeon.
  • The Gnolls - Antling war. 
  • The Gnolls vanish, hunted down by dwarven ghosts. 
  • The Purple plague orcs tribe settle in the now empty dwarven city and prosper. 
The Age of Villainy:
  • The Lich King settle in the dungeon and enslave the purple plague orcs.


賈尼 said...

I dig your map.

Legion said...

Yeah, that map is the Snikt!