Sunday, March 25, 2012

Using the Vornheim city kit to generate a town

I used the steps for generating neighborhoods (page 35) to details a town of my setting.

My town is Douvelle (douves meaning moats). Douvelle is a walled town situated near the hills where the Tower of the Stargazer is built.

First, I wrote a short concept inspired from the town name.
Then I listed some interesting landmarks.

After this I followed the GM short cut in the city guide to generate the neighborhoods map.
The technique is to write down numbers touching each other to generate the streets that link the different neighborhoods together. I also added some moats and bridges. (I choose to create 6 neighborhood to keep it simple).

(naturally the letters just represent a mix of main and secondary streets that link neighborhoods, they don't actually represent main streets shaped like letters. If you add in all the other streets, the letters would vanish).

(also you dont show this map to the players, you just describe the streets and add in decoy secondary streets, etc).

(fun fact: writing in french or in english (or in other languages) generate different set of streets).

After drawing the map, I followed the city guide's steps to details the neighborhoods:

Image Hosted by
(I replaced non-human population % with immigrant population %)

I looked at the result and I found the mix of landmarks and characteristic business confusing.
Generating the landmarks on the random building table don't feel super satisfying, I think it would be more interesting to do it with the settlement characteristics table on the back of the LotFP referee book.

But I noted that the city kit suggest to randomly distribute in the neighborhoods landmarks that you determined yourself.

So I followed the advice and randomly distributed my initial landmarks:

Then I replaced the landmarks generated on the random building table with those I wrote.
I also named my neighborhood and added notes about the population considering each neighborhood wealth and immigrant population.

Naturally in the spirit of Zak's work, I din't hesitate to edit and to write over some stuff.
(well I could have added more layers ;-)

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So this is Douvelle. I like the result.

Now the city kit suggest me to roll a random encounter for each neighborhood to see what will happen the next time the player characters will visit a neighborhoods at night.

How I will use this? I admit I am not certain since Douvelle is not a weird town like Vornheim, so I don't know if I want it to become a potential adventuring location.


  1. Excellent. Keep us posted on how you create this kind of locations using Vornheim and the LotFP referee book.

  2. i enjoy reading on how people are using the LotFP tools