Friday, March 16, 2012

Tower of the Stargazer: session 01 & 02

Here is a short game report of our venture into the Tower of the Stargazer. I don't want to go too much into details because we are still exploring the tower.

On our first session we had a group of four characters. Two died struck by lighting before reaching the front door. This was a brutal start, the two surviving characters also tried to open the door with the poisonous handles and we nearly got a TPK. The survivors explored two rooms then choose to go back to the nearest two to find some help and we ended the session.

For the second session we had three player characters (fighter, cleric, magic-user). The group managed to explore most of the tower without anyone dying. But they din't experiment with everything. And there is still some place left to explore.

I rolled for encounters. They only heard noises from adjacent rooms, when they investigated it seemed like someone have been in the room but no one is to be found. For now, the group concluded that maybe some ghostly servants lurk around.

I also kept track of time, food ration and light sources. Keeping track of light and encounters is nice, it help to create the atmosphere.

They found the trap under the crates.

They managed to get the key from the dipping blood door.

They din't free the Wizard. The Wizard encounter was a good scene.

They found all the books very interesting and the magic-user plan to read most of them. After reading the book titles about surviving the interorbular ether they feared to open the sealed doors because they suspected them to open directly into some strange ether-space (especially the sealed cold room). But they ended up opening them. I was nearly tempted to accommodate their fear. ;)

The magic-use used read magic to read some pages of a old book about dwarven architecture and engeenring, she understood that the elevator mechanism was probably of dwarven origin or based on ancient dwarven technology. They found a map in the book.

I used one of the dead character as the ghost guardian of the gameplay room. That really spooked them, they din't dare to accept his challenge.

They din't experiment with the telescope because they feared to open the observatory ceiling and to expose themselves to the lightning bolts.

After experimenting with the black powder, the cleric suggested that they could use the barrel to get rid of the wizard...

They feared the mirrors in the workshop.

We played the treasure pluzzle. I think it went well, it was not boring and not too hard.

After finding the treasure, the group choose to take what they can transport and to travel back to the town. We rolled for encounters in the hills but din't get any, the tension was good.

Now they want to return to the tower. They want to find a way to stop the lightning field and the magic-user want to get rid of the wizard to claim the tower as their laboratory.

The cleric is reading the apprentice personal journal and is discovering disturbing things. He also want to find a way to free the poor souls trapped in cells.

The group is exploring quite carefully since we are playing a campaign, but it work well and the atmosphere is great.


We played our third session and Aurore, the magic-user, died. More on this later.

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  1. Lots of great ideas here. Rubber-sealed portals that lead to the void (definitely including some of those in a future dungeon, probably right next to a room full of ethernaut suits). And the decision to make the ghost one of the dead PCs was inspired. I wish I had thought of that.