Thursday, March 29, 2012

Settlement generation, part 2

I have completed my town using both the City Kit and the LotFP referee book.

What I have put on a same sheet:
  • The settlement characteristic from the back of the referee book.
  • A pre-gen tavern from the Vornheim city kit.
  • the neighborhoods table from the Vornheim city kit.
  • the relations table diagram from the Vornheim city kit.
  • some npc from the back of the referee book.

How I have use some of those items:
  • The relation between npc: Instead of placing NPCs in the table, I placed the town factions in it. I really like the result, nice stuff here. (I roll a d4 to determine the position of the first faction)
  • For the NPC: Instead of giving four traits from the from the back of the referee book for each NPC, I rolled four traits for each faction and generated a NPC for each. So I end up with 4 NPC having one trait each for each faction.
  • I rolled the noble on the Vornheim City Kit nobility table. But for a non-weird town, I think I prefer to use the referee book table.
About the NPC traits table on the back of the referee book:
I way prefer to give my NPC a single trait instead of giving them one from each category. I roll a d4 to determine on which category column to roll (or I ask the players to choose). This create easier to roleplay NPC and more colorful ones.

A blank sheet (nothing fancy here, I din't take the time to play with fonts, layout, etc)

Generating a settlement like this seem useful and fruitful to give life to a non-weird town. For a town where the NPC want to invest, buy a property, etc. I think it wort the time to roll all those dice.

But I think that the real fun is when you create weird town like Vornheim, because now you can go wild and be very creative.

The "normal no-fantasy world" aspect of LotFP is working less and less for me. I don't like having to divide my gameplay, prep, setting, etc... between normal civilization and weird fantasy. I have a really hard time finding buy-in for the normal civilization stuff.

Setting up a LotFP game again, I would totally play in Vornheim with a mega dungeon under it or in a weird wilderness sandbox like the Weird New World to avoid mundane gameplay.


  1. You could just get everyone on a boat , and have them sail to some big weird uber city on the next continent. Or have some kind of event which means everything gets weird and weird?

  2. The contrast between semi-normalcy and weirdness has a lot of appeal to me; although I must confess I've never tried it beyond one shots.

  3. Scrap Princess, those are both option I am considering. :)