Thursday, March 29, 2012

LotFP, solo session 4.1

At the end of session 04, the group choose to accept a NPC offer to explore some ancient ruins on a mountain in the north. (Dead Frost Doom).

There was some unfinished business in the Stargazer Tower, mainly the question of what to do with the Star Crystal. The player who had been playing Aurore and who is now playing Vital the magic-user, suggested that he could go there in a single player session to play the dominoes and to find out what to do with the Star Crystal before the group leave for the north (a important decision because if they choose to sell the gem, two characters will gain a level). I said sure, why not, if you have some time before the next session we can play a solo session. The group said this was cool and nice.

So we played session 4.1 (stargazer tower spoilers follow)

The player choose to take the time to read the books from the tower and to find a henchmen to return to the tower.

We rolled a chaotic non-combatant henchman. So we determined she was a runaway gypsy servant girl who had a family close to the supernatural.

Vital and Laura, his newfound lantern-bearer, ventured in the tower.

Vital challenged the ghost and won the dominoes games and gained access to the secret library.
Playing the dominoes was short and fun, I think it was a good choice for the ghost's game.

Vital searched the scrolls and found the spell scrolls, but I also included 5 scrolls with drawings of the magic mirrors. Each scroll was a illustrated clue about the nature of each mirrors. (I sensed that the players wont dare to try the mirrors without feeling that they had well played and found something about the mirrors, but I also choose to leave the clues simply because it was fun to drawn and to play with them).

So Vital deduced that one of the mirror was maybe a prison and found a way to avoid this one. He tried two of the mirrors: one reflecting his ideal self and one letting him to get the answer to one question (he passed both saving throw). He asked: "how can I get rid of the wizard?" I thought about it a little and I answered: "expose him to one of the mirrors".

The player was excited and after thinking about it he decided to try move the prison mirror to the wizard room to use it on the wizard. He tied a sheet of cloth on the mirror and with his servant help brought the mirror to the wizard. There the wizard intimidated and tempted the servant, we rolled for morale and loyalty and the gypsy girl remained brave and loyal.

The wizard was furious and Vital profited of the occasion to remove the mirror's sheet cloth. The wizard got a glimpse of the mirror surface and I rolled his saving throw on the table, I think he had a save of 6 or something, and I rolled a 3! The player was cheering as the wizard Uravulon was sucked into the mirror prison! Well played!

As the referee it was really fun to be surprised like this! We were both "wow this is astounding!"

The player choose not to push to his luck and returned to the city with his servant. We roleplayed some scenes with Vital and Laura and ended the session.
(By reading the books Vital also understood the purpose of the telescope and decided to the sell gem at the next session)

This was my second best session of LoTP. Very satisfying.

But yesterday we played session 05 and it was problematic session for many reasons, more on this later.


  1. I agree. :)

    But still, now that the wizard is gone there is many more thing to explore and to investigate in the tower, especially for magic-user characters.