Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just received: Vornheim City Kit

I know, I am late to the ball, but I have some casual or non-gamer friends who are maybe reading this blog. ;)

So this morning I received my copy of the Vornheim City Kit, a guide book to create, run and improvise a city that is also a sprawling dungeon with people living in it.

The book finition is great, with a cover jacket loaded with random tables wrapped around a great black & white hardcover that also serve as a tool to generate random stuff.

Note that I am big fan of zines, and accumulation of stuff cobbled together. But even with it collage feel, the book is well organized and is easy to navigate and to use.

I really like Zac S. methods and techniques, I like how when you use them as a Referee you keep surprising yourself. I like how they mix stuff together to generate trails to explore while keeping undefined or dark zones that are canvas on which you can project your imagination. I also like how that by looking at the parts you can imagine and guess what could be hiding in the undefined zones (you know, like some kind of figure-ground effect) (and how you could be totally wrong!).

When I start preparing stuff for rpg, I often end up slipping into over-thinking mode, I don't know why, but I often end up doing research and over-preparing too many things. I have a feeling that this kill some of the wonder. So this is why I like tools like Vornheim City Kit because they help to short-circuit this overprep tendency and keep me in the realm of surprises.

On a side note: sometime when I pass too much time in this over-thinking frame of mind, I feel that it also affect my non-gaming creative work. But maybe I am just saying this because lately I have a hard time drawing things that come from myself.

So I am looking forward using the Vornheim City Kit in my LotFP campaign.

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