Saturday, February 25, 2012

Setting up my Lamentations of the Flame Princess campaign

I finally choose to set my LotFP campaign in a alternate history fantasy Europe. I want to avoid inventing pseudo European country and city names, so I will use historical names, but I also want to underline that this is not our historical Europe, this is a fantasy "else world" Europe where the demi-human race had a huge influence on early human history and culture.

The campaign will begin around 1510 in France where a revolution being a early mix of the french war of religions and the french revolution recently failed.

The economy is in crisis and society stagnates under the weight of its ancient rights and privileges. Those privileges of the nobility, the Church and the great Guilds were formerly granted by the ancient races of the elves and the dwarves. The protection of these ancient rights foster a harsh conservatism, makes social mobility almost impossible and close the door to many investment opportunity.

The insurgents rebelled to abolish those ancestral rights. The rebellion was composed of the peasant class supported by the new emerging bourgeoisie. Unfortunately for the rebels, their revolution failed and those who dared to give them their support had their property seized, or worse.

The player characters premise:
Your base of operations is the cathedral city of Mende situated in the Gevaudan (like in The Beast of the Gevaudan...)
The assembly point for your characters will be the Gauvin family.
So, your characters will be members, friends or employees of the Gauvin family.

Due to poor management of the family wealth by the late Madame Gauvin, the family is drowning in debt. In hope of improving their financial fortunes and situation, the heirs of Gauvin supported the rebellion. But alas the rebellion failed, and most of their assets had been lost or seized and now they must quickly find a large sum of money to repay their debts or they will lose everything, including the family manor.

Fortunately, while rummaging through old family papers they discovered that their great-grandfather, who was believed to be a sorcerer, possessed a property located in the highlands of the Cervennes. This property of several acres on which is built an ancient tower is perhaps the solution to the family debts. Now the characters need to go to the site to take possession of this ancient heritage and to assess it value...

(the campaign will put some emphasis on the property and investment rules)

La ville de Mende au pied du mont Mimat.


  1. Debts can be a wonderful adventure motivation. They were a big part of my Blackwater Falls campaign (which was one of the more successful games I have participated in).

  2. Hi Brendan, I agree debt are great as they provide motivation and create link between characters & npc. Thanks for the link toward your campaign. :)

  3. Our first session din't go well. I have the feeling I have to rethink my whole setup.